The BDM team has a very pro-active approach and a solid transactional legal experience, which they used to quickly set up a customized process and build professional empathy to deliver strong disclosure for a sales process. There is undeniable value in their contribution.”

Miguel Buxó
Head of Group Legal, Vice President, Falck Danmark A/S

BDM was suggested to us by our lawyer and with their help we managed to make an extremely tight deadline where the entire sales process was concluded fast and efficient! Without BDM’s expertise we had not been able to make that deadline.”

Martin Thomsen
CFO, Auditdata A/S

We used BDM on a major transaction, where we spearheaded the sale of 205 gas stations in Denmark in addition to a number of  ancillary business units. […] BDM was recommended to us by our law firm and they proved to be vital for us in this complex transaction. Their technical knowhow and their ability to bridge the gap between us, our lawyers and other advisors was crucial in a process with multiple sellers and bidders.”

Torben Christensen
Attorney, Statoil Fuel & Retail A/S

“We received a seamless service from BDM on a recent divestment securing a successful outsourcing of our data room administration. Their M&A experience enable them to be on top of the process and provide valuable and trusted input. Their service is prompt and professional. We are contemplating them as an integrated part of our future M&A activity.”

Andreas Bernhard Kirk
VP Deputy General Counsel, Carlsberg Breweries A/S

As CFO in a PE-owned company, BDM’s services were instrumental, as we were able to build a high quality data room ahead of the transaction. From start to closing, BDM delivered prompt and exceptional services no matter the time of day or night. During the build-up, their expert review was quickly able to identify legal and commercial deficiencies in our documentation and advise us on the best course of action.”

Michael Banggaard Hansen
CFO, EMT Nordic

“Blue Data Management was recommended to us by a corporate finance house as a data room services provider to check out as an alternative to buying these services in combination with legal services from an external law firm. We made contact with Blue Data Management in connection with a company sale in the US […] No doubt the previous M&A experience held by the Blue Data Management directors enabled them to have the right eye for what was important from a buyer perspective while also safeguarding seller interests by asking the right questions e.g. with respect to sensitive material that should not be disclosed until later in the sales process. I want to emphasize and compliment Blue Data Management for their ability to keep cool at all times, even during very hectic times when process frustration from the involved target people peaked […] allowing us to focus on the greater perspectives of the transaction. Add to this very competitive pricing and willingness to offer flexible pricing models, Blue Data Management is definitely a service provider that I can recommend for other businesses.”

Hans Flemming Jensen
Group Legal Counsel, NKT Holding

”[…] they managed to bridge the gap between our lawyers, other advisors and the IT platform. BDM secured communication with daily and weekly status reports and knowledge sharing – enabling us and our advisors to be in the loop and pre-empt potential challenges and issues. We received a better solution with BDM as our data room consultant AND at a much better price. We can only recommend BDM as part of any data room process.”

Jacob Printz
CFO, Hospitalet Valdemar A/S

“Blue Data Management helped us secure a venture investment in CardLab with data room services of the highest quality. Clearly, Blue Data Management has a deep process knowledge concerning fund raising and M&A processes and their legal, financial and practical skills regarding all data room issues allowed us to focus on our daily operation and marketing of CardLab. Blue Data Management is an obvious choice for any data management process and I am looking forward to the next process with their team.”

Frank Sandeløv
CEO, Cardlab

”BDM was able to address many errors that typically give rise to, often time consuming, requests and Q&A-findings later in the process. BDM’s quality control exercise […] was a clear advantage for the process.”

Mikkel B. Lerche
Partner, NOVI Attorneys

“Despite time pressure, BDM completed designing and opening the data room within a few days from kick-off […] it is clear the BDM team is headed by people who have experience regarding the ins and outs of transactions.”

Anders Markvardt
Partner, Nestor

“I enjoyed working with everyone at BDM – easy to work through any issues… Your program was excellent.”

John Hanigofsky
VP Operations, Vytran Corporation

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