Assessing the potential risks and upsides of acquiring a company can be hard if the target company’s financial, legal and commercial documentation is not presented properly. So what do you do when the target does not have the time, resources or expertise to properly organise its documentation?

With our extensive legal buy- and sell-side experience, we provide hands-on assistance to your target company to facilitate a satisfactory due diligence review in accordance with your M&A standards. Thereby giving you a shorter due diligence, higher deal certainty, less risk and an effective allocation of your and your advisors’ resources.

Furthermore, when we ensure the quality of the target documentation, you also limit the risks of acquiring a company with an incomplete documentation archive.

Regardless of whether your target is located in or outside Denmark, we have the resources and experience to get the job done.



Our service:

  • Identify what you, being a buyer, expects to see.
  • Build data room structure in our IT platform or another platform chosen by you and/or the seller.
  • Customise our unique documentation collection list and guidelines for the seller’s team.
  • Meetings where we make sure that the seller’s team are instructed in the use of the data room, understands the process in general and what documentation that needs to be collected.

Your value:

  • Improve your comfort with a data room structure that follows best-practice and is customised to your due diligence.
  • Efficient process by knowing that the seller is guided trough the collection and organisation process.
  • Limit your risk of transaction stalling, and post-transaction documentation and integration issues.
  • Ensure that your due diligence does not start before proper documentation requirements are met.

Kick-off package - 80


We have significant user experience with all of the market-leading data room systems, enabling us to work with your existing IT solutions and advise on other platforms.

Our service:

  • State of the art virtual data room software for M&A due diligence.
  • Advanced DRM settings and SSL encryption.
  • Best-practice Q&A functionality.
  • 24/7 IT-hotline for seller’s and your team.

Your value:

  • Improve your comfort with best-practice data room provider (servicing the top law firms in Denmark and the UK).
  • Limit your risk with proper and adequate disclosures.
  • Save your and your seller’s resources with time-saving functionality and intuitive interface.
  • Get security and control of the most important documentation in the target.



Our service:

  • 24/7 hotline advising on what type of documentation to collect.
  • Weekly updates on data room build-up process.
  • Possibility of on-premises collection, scanning and uploading services.

Your value:

  • Limit your risk by ensuring that the seller collects the right documentation.
  • Save your resources by ensuring that you and your advisors do not review the data room before all basic documentation is in place.

BS - Doc collection status


Our service:

  • Review of collected documentation to identify formalistic deficiencies (e.g. signatures, pages, appendices, naming, poor scans etc.).
  • Assistance with fixing deficiencies where possible.
  • Feedback to the seller’s team.
  • Follow-up review with the seller’s team.

Your value:

  • Get a shorter transaction by 25-35% fewer Q&A’s.
  • Limit your risk of the deal stalling.
  • Limit your risk of purchasing the target with incomplete documentation.



Our service:

  • Review of the seller’s documentation to identify and solve possible issues that would be identified as such during your due diligence.
  • Handling of the seller’s lack or overload of documentation during data room build-up.
  • General legal guidance for explanatory memos for the data room.
  • Update the seller’s advisors on documentation issues.

Your value:

  • Save your resources by ensuring that you and your advisors do not waste time on findings that are only a result of an incomplete data room.
  • Limit your risk of the deal stalling.
  • Limit your risk of purchasing the target with incomplete documentation.
  • Limit your risk by ensuring that key advisors have a better knowledge of documentation issues.

Our service:

  • Customised data room disclaimer and data room procedures.
  • Handling of all practical IT matters (onboarding, issues, etc.) and 24/7 IT-hotline.
  • Daily reports to the seller showing your due diligence and Q&A activity.
  • Handling of all practical Q&A-matters.

Your value:

  • Save your and your seller’s resources with no IT concerns.
  • Get an efficient process with a structured Q&A approach and fast on-boarding.

BS - Transaction


Get the most value out of your transaction process with our A-Z data room package.

  • We take full responsibility for the project management of the entire process from A-Z.
  • Ensure that the seller has the assistance needed to produce a high-quality data room without it being at the cost of other important processes in the transaction.
  • Limit your risk of unplanned advisor costs and deal stalling as a result of an incomplete data room.

BS - Stairs - 80


We believe in flexible pricing – a price for each situation and every need. We have assembled the most cost-efficient team through a combination of single-focused senior advisors and hands-on paralegals. We either invoice our services to you, the seller/target or as a split-fee reflecting the value created by our services on both sides of the table.


Fixed Price 

We offer upfront transparent fixed-price models – regardless of whether you need A-Z packages or a single service.

Success Fee

We are not afraid to share the risk with you. That is why we are always willing to offer our services based on a success fee.

Hourly rates

We offer services on hourly rates. And if you want to compare us with the rest of the market, we offer our services at highly competitive hourly rates between DKK 500 -1,850.

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